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What do we do?

We are Galileo Labs LLC and WE BRING IDEAS TO LIFE. Specializing in iOS, Android, and Web applications. We are a Cincinnati-based technology company that leverages automated and integrated technology to remain agile so we can pass those savings to you so we can both accomplish our shared vision of making your idea come to life.

Galileo Labs has been doing this for a LONG time.  From ideation to development, we can help you all along the way.  We work with everyone from start-up idea to large size companies!  Our process helps uncover all details of your awesome idea to allow for a smooth journey for our stakeholders until the product comes to life.




iOS and Android apps

We specialize in cross platform development using React Native, a cross platform Javascript framework while handling it all from API's, complex backend development, and more.  Our teams stay lean and rapidly deploy customized solutions for each client!

Custom technology research & development

We partner with our clients to understand what their vision is and then design, build, and support the software solution.  Our practice of rapid prototyping combined with our market research team’s data combine to achieve awesome results in short periods of time.

Web development

We have extensive experience developing complex business apps for the web using React and Node.js.  Companies across the country rely on Galileo Labs to develop and maintain applications that their businesses rely to do business.